Even More Military Wife Confessions

As I check around the military spouse blogs, I've noticed something.  Whenever pictures are posted I think, "Wow, that chick has a totally hawt husband!"  Not that I'm being a pervert or home-wrecker, mind you.  I mean it in the same vein that I might say, "Oh, what a lovely sunset!" 

At this point, I can't remember the last time I didn't notice the hawt-factor.  I mean, really.  Is it a chicken or an egg?  Which came first, the hot guy or the military?

Or is it because whenever I see one of those uniforms I just melt?

Whatever the reason, the research seems to bear the thought out.  Military dudes = hot.  And of course, Air Force Guy = hottest.   

So sit on that, Hollywood.  I don't need your Brad Pitt pin-up poster.  I'll just go sit somewhere on base and soak in the view.

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