Bringing a Little Navy to SpouseBUZZ


I've been working on some self-introductions, and my drafts are truly witty, or thoughtful, or just darn good.  But they will also never be perfect, and so I'm diving right in.

I'm She of the Sea, as Andi introduced in the post below.  I've been married to a Navy Intel guy for 15 years and we have four daughters.  We're enjoying the last few months of peace while he is in a pretty easy job, after which he will be preparing to deploy for 12 months.  (Really, 12, they promise!)

I'm a little in awe of the SpouseBUZZ authors and wonder if I'll be able to keep up - they are so smart, and funny, and caring.  I guess we'll find out!  I've been a SpouseBUZZ reader for a while now, and I'm learning more about the other services every day.  I'm excited to offer the Navy perspective and I hope I can relate to some Navy specific situations that other readers have.

Again, thanks for the nice comments already posted.  This place feels like home already!

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