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...we'll be talking to Kathy Rockel of TRS Institute and fellow military spouse, Briget Rischawy. You may remember that we discussed transportable careers a few months ago on SBTR. We recently received this comment from a military spouse curious about working from home:

Is this for real? It does sound too good to be true? Do you know more information that can help me to decide on starting a career in this area? Can you tell me more? Thanks!

Briget just completed her MT Training and is now working for TRS. We'll ask her if this really is "too good to be true?"

We'll use the second half of the program to discuss the Holidays, military-style. A few of the SpouseBUZZ authors will join us and we'll be talking your phone calls. We want to hear all about your Christmas and what you have planned for New Year's Eve/Day.

Join us tonight at 9:00 EST on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio (SBTR) and in the chat room.

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