Today is a Monday.  Monday is a day where I recharge my batteries, plan my week, and if possible, stay in my "comfies" (moss green velour lounge pants, sweat shirt and those fluffy, soft socks).

Today, I will catch up on my Operation Santa emails.  I came back from Spousebuzz Live to a gazillion emails in my inbox.

Today is also a day of momentous import for my family.

Today, my son will no longer be a reservist.  Today, my son will be an active duty Marine.

Today, my son will start training for his first deployment to the sand box.

Today, I will take the handmade, crocheted, WWll two blue star service banner that I found in an Oceanside antique store and frame it.  I imagine that the woman who made that banner must have felt how I am feeling today: a mix of pride and concern.  Military families have surely felt this mix of feelings since the beginning of time.

Today, I will hang that banner on my wall.  I will think of all the wonderful, beautiful women and men who were at the Spousebuzz conference this weekend.  I will remember their stories.  I will remember the overwhelming feeling of support and the strength of the sisterhood.

Today, my family will start a new journey.

Today, I will be strong.

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