Tis the Season and the Week!


Tis the season to be jolly and the week before Christmas.....close to the time most spouses hit the crunch wall for shopping.  Not ALL spouses do this, it just seems to be the preponderance - or enough to make a great stereo-type!   So, I thought we'd get together a little list of not-so-nice gifts!  Those gifts that should NEVER be given, except with explicit permission!

Let's start with vacuum cleaners, move through scales and then travel to snow blowing machines, shall we?  What are the gifts that spouses should not give this time of year?  Or, if you'd rather, list the little gifts that mean a great deal.  I'm sure this will be a to each his own (for instance, there was the year my husband and I both, coincidentally, gave each other Toaster Ovens for Christmas - who'd have thought!?!?!?)  So, let's build a nice and not-so-nice list.......

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