The good, the bad and the ugly

The one thing I really hate about being a military wife is being away from family.  Until I get that phone call in which the family drama ensues. 

I am pretty lucky in that arena, I have a Sister who is 7 years my Senior (had to throw that in), and a Brother 4 years my junior.  The three of us actually get a long quite swimmingly.  How?  Well, that is pretty easy.  My Father is an only child, and my Mother passed away almost 6 years ago, so we are IT.  WE all get a long quite nicely.   

However, when you throw in the stress of the Holiday, and in-laws, and outlaws, and your Father's girlfriend, well things get complicated. 

I got a phonecall this morning, in which a fringe family battle is taking place.  I just listened. 

The entire phonecall, I just kept thinking, don't these folks know how lucky they are.  No one is sick, or deployed, or away?  They are all close enough to spend the Holiday together.  It should be like Norman Rockwell painted it.  Poof. 

I am an idealist, I am.  WE, are currently trying to get transferred back to our home state JUST so we can have our family around.  I miss weekly family dinners, and cousins, and siblings, and laughter.  (call me delusional here). 

But with that comes the baggage that goes with.  People upset about not getting a gift at Christmas, and upset that certain folks cannot make it, the usual.  People are funny  that way. 

I have been pretty lucky for 7 years.  I have stayed out of every fringe family argument, I have not had to take sides, I have not had anyone hang up the phone on me.  I have stepped back. 

So this morning, as I heard a very upset fringe family member speak about "family troubles", I cringed.  I did, I cringed the entire phone call.  Some folks like to make things harder than it is.   And for a moment, I sat and actually contemplated jumping back into "the brood".  However, I am going to rely on the perspective of the past 17 years as a military wife.  Being apart from those I love.  I am going to jump into the middle of things smiling, and hugging everyone to pieces until they puke. 

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