Technology is Wonderful...Most of the Time


Last night we were hit with a double whammie. Some of us had issues logging into the chat room and the switchboard for SBTR went haywire. About 15 minutes into the show, the wrinkles smoothed out and we got on with the show featuring Cliff Hudson. You can click here to listen (and fast forward to about 15 minutes in unless you just want to hear AWTM and I in techno-panic mode. In which case, you'll probably have a great chuckle at our expense).

We're usually the ones who pull surprises on the radio, but last night Cliff surprised us with a wonderful announcement.

Christmas day can be tough on some military families. If you have deployed spouses and will be home alone on Christmas, and if you are interested in meeting in the chat room on Christmas evening, send me an email or leave a comment. We'll see about arranging a Christmas chat for those of you in this situation if there is some genuine interest. I'll be happy to take a break from my nieces and nephews (who will be running on all cylinders) to have some adult conversation!

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