SpouseBUZZ: A Year in Review


In a few hours we'll be ringing in the New Year, so I decided to spend the entire morning reflecting on this past year. I did that by taking a stroll down memory lane and reading through the entire 2007 SpouseBUZZ archive.

What a year it has been!

I've pulled out some of my favorite posts from 2007, by month. Narrowing down the list was an enormous challenge, but the links below served to remind me that we had so many interesting, humorous and relevant conversations in 2007 at SpouseBUZZ, thanks to you.


airforcewife published a passionate post about how insensitive the media can be during war and Love My Tanker asked for your comments regarding privatized housing. You didn't hold back. GBear went to a grocery store and found herself in "shock and awe."  And finally, we hosted a "Meet and Greet" here at SpouseBUZZ.


Guard Wife railed against Murphy, our nemesis. Just before Valentine's Day, AWTM reminded us of the art of the love letter. RedLegMeg took matters into her own hands and found that things weren't so bad with her FRG, after all (good lesson there). I knew we had girlfriends and "significant others" who read SpouseBUZZ, but I didn't know there was this many. Homefront Six on coping.


I became a mother again, but not before undergoing a rather nerve-racking process. Sarah reminded us that "I'll see you one ___ and raise you a ___" is rather common among military families. Our resident troublemaker gets kicked off of a television show (I can't help it, I still laugh....). To each his own, which is the jest of Sarah's confession post. Toad learns a lesson, while strapped in the dentist chair.


Doesn't everyone have a toilet in the kitchen? Deployments really are like snowflakes. Speaking of deployments, do you find yourself making big changes during a deployment? It's okay to vent from time to time, especially when you get some really bad news. Hummm, wonder if they ever found the leaker? Military children: resilient. Preparing for a PCS: time to skinny down. Love My Tanker reminded us that it's important to take care of yourself (awesome comments).


Packing, military-style. Love, military-style. Care-taking, military-style. Renting, military-style. My first-blush take on the new television series, Army Wives.


What are you talking about? Erecting the wall before a deployment. Military spouses and driver's licenses: Oil and Vinegar. Stalling out and regaining motivation, a vicious cycle for milspouses. I really must shave my legs...


Semper Fi Wife joined the cast and wrote about the emotional side of a PCS move and I wrote about how a PCS move throws everything out of whack. But then again, there is always an interesting and unexpected side to every PCS move. Only a military spouse or parent would understand this one. The countdown, something most of us engage in during a deployment. Yeah, we miss a lot. SpouseBUZZ turns one!


Your thoughts on a study that found deployments increased child abuse and neglect among military families. The checklist for military spouse wannabes. Two must-reads on anticipatory grief here and here. Guard Wife considered an affair. What every new milspouse needs - a kit!  Snapshots in time, because we never know...


Sarah on making an heirloom. Secretary Gates and I began our correspondence, and it continued. There really is such a think as "reunion nesting." GBear tells us about her naked neighbor. Military spouses serve too. Yes, indeed they do. Milhusbands and domestic power tools aren't always a nice fit. Which is more difficult, being left or leaving?


A flood of emotions. Preparing to spend the holiday season without your spouse. Double dose: On being a military spouse and a military mom. Joan D' Arc on preparing your children for separation. More on the privatization issue, and it's not pretty. The SpouseBUZZ Blog Series: Blog it! A great post on the power of the military family. Heh. Just heh. What if things are really okay?


Pre-deployment briefings. Can you say, "gnashing-of-teeth?" A marine wife writes of how the California fires affected her family. Love My Tanker spoke out for military families everywhere. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines bust-a-move. Sarah picks up a soldier. They're not strangers, after all. Doggy dilemmas here and here.


Toad opened a great discussion on the relevancy of spouse clubs. Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB welcomed us with open arms. The SpouseBUZZ family suffered a great tragedy, but Sarah found a silver lining. Is AWTM a career-stopper? Oh my. Ohhhh myyyyy.

Thank you for spending 2007 with us, sharing your lives with us and keeping the conversation going around here. We wish you all the best in 2008. 

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