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While at SpouseBUZZ LIVE III, I was able to sustain a broadband connection long enough to push a post out to you on the Relevancy of Spouses Clubs.  Now I confused some by being a bit too ... "oblique" ... was one input I received.  So, let's cut to the chase.  We're talking Enlisted and Officers Spouses' Clubs.  Not FRGs, not A&FRCs, not a semblance of a spouses group within your mil spouses immediate unit.  We're talking Installation-Wide Spouses Clubs.

Membership at most places regardless of your Military Service, is quite frankly on the rocks.  I suppose of course it wouldn't be considered on the rocks if you believe the definition of "good" is having 5% of eligible's as active participants. As you can read in some of the responses to this previous post, there are many factors.  What you can also read, is what can be construed arguably as a desire for more participation and involvement. 

The public as well as the private notes I received, reflected that most folks (at least those that answered) "wanted (their clubs) to be relevant and we want to belong."  But they want their involvement to be MEANINGFUL, as most of the respondents simply see anything other than that as a waste of their time.  Yep, socialize WHILE you're doing something good-that's the ticket!

So, what now?

In one of the posts and in a follow-on email, "Lisa" posed this: 

"How involved would the military spouses like to be on base and how would they like to be contacted?  We have been trying to figure out how to get information to them about our club, (and have gone so far as to ask) what would they like in a spouses club and what events would they like to see on base?"

And you would say to her?

Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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