Singing for MWR


Anyone been watching Clash of the Choirs? I haven't seen it, but blogger Jammie Wearing Fool emailed to say that two Ft. Sill soldiers, Captain Brian Saul and SSG Kent Kramer, are a part of the Oklahoma City Choir.

On Monday, [Blake] Shelton's choir sang a moving salute to troops fighting in the Middle East. The song, "Life is a Highway," was dedicated to the armed forces and highlighted two of Oklahoma's members, Army Sgt. Kent Kramer and Capt. Brian Saul, who both recently returned from tours of duty.

Looks like they're doing pretty well, too. If the Oklahoma City Choir wins, they will receive $250,000, part of which will go to the Army MWR. Looks like we only have one evening left to vote. Voting rules here.   

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