Salute to the Troops Holiday Show Playing Now


Click the image below to tune in and then go to the "Broadcasting Live Now" tab. If you don't have a SyncLive account, take two minutes to create one (it's free). The show will run from 8:00-midnight EST tonight. I have it playing on the laptop while I'm busy taking care of things around the house. Good stuff.

Tune in Live at SyncLive.com

Please note that there may be some lag time in between performances. Keep returning to the "Broadcasting Live Now" tab or the "Upcoming Show" tab. Some artists are broadcasting simultaneously. Follow the schedule below:

* 8:00pm - Aric Berquist* 8:30pm - Zach Johnson and Marshall Dane* 9:00pm - Josh Revak and John Dobbins* 9:30pm - Prevo Rogers* 10:00pm - Joel Port and Ted Painter* 10:30pm - Stephen Covell and Cutler Spur* 11:00pm - Colton McKenna and Austin Poole* TBA - Cliff Hudson

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