Regular Programming Will Resume...Tomorrow

The SpouseBUZZ team has played the planes, trains and automobiles game today as they made their way from Fayetteville back home. We're going to get some shut-eye tonight, but we'll be back to normal tomorrow, so please stay tuned.

We just wrapped up our radio recap of the event. Thanks to those of you who called into the show. Click this link to hear the archive of the show. Note: It may take an hour or so for the audio archive to kick in, so try back later if you don't hear the show on the first click.

As promised during SpouseBUZZ LIVE Ft. Bragg/Pope, tomorrow I'll be posting some of the links we discussed at the event.

Thank you, Fayetteville. Thanks for such a warm reception. It was an honor to spend the day on your home turf.

Now, sleep.....

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