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I miss the SpouseBUZZ t-shirt babe every.single.day. He was our baby. He's been gone for over a year now, but I still think about him, and miss him. Two days ago, I had a mini-meltdown and sobbed uncontrollably.

If we were a civilian family and had been stationary during our dog's lifetime, I likely would have buried him in the backyard where he grew up and played and soaked up the sunshine. That's how we did things where I grew up. Instead, I had his remains cremated. When we moved, he wasn't handed over to the packers, I brought the box of his ashes with me in the car.

After my meltdown, I remembered that our baby is still with us. I went to the box and oddly, it made me feel better to know that he's with me and always will be. The thought of my dog being buried in a yard that was one of six yards he had during his lifetime, and one that we may or may not own in the future, would upset me. So, I began thinking about military families and pets. Unique challenges, for sure.

How have you chosen to handle the remains of pets you've lost? 

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