Oh Starry Night II


G'evening, folks.  Last year, our first Christmastime together on SpouseBUZZ, I let you peak under the tent into what's on my mind at this time of the year, in a post of similar title.  So I guess that makes this post, the beginning of a "tradition" eh?

In lands far, far away, there are US Warriors that are at this moment already looking at the fullness of the winter moon and wondering about Christmas, "at home."  When you're there, it can be remarkably quiet, whether in a bunker or your hooch or at sea or at FL150 ... there's a hush that falls all around you.   Then, out of no where, you feel the tug at your heart and stop and think, wonder what they're doing now?  And for an instant, you log-in the smells in the air, the feeling of your uniform serving it's umpteen hour, or maybe the sight of the strange guy in the next tent wearing new underwear he just got from his girlfriend, who's dancing around with a Santa hat on (always wondering if he's happy or if the perfume-laced BVDs just might be burning his ... yep, those). 

And it's in that instant that your brain stores something you never, ever forget.  Now, for me many years later, this night is the one that I stop, go outside where it's quiet, and begin my search for the moon.  For I know, 14 hours prior, there was a United States Warrior taking a brief second to look up at the moon and was thinking about what we are doing, right now. 

And the damnedest thing about all of this?

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

All they want is for us, here at home, to be happy and safe.  That is Their wish, for Us!  Has the world turned upside down?  Nope -- they're just US Servicewomen and men, doing their jobs, and missing us.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

So, while we're here praying for them, they're o'er there, saying one for us.  No where but America.  For you whose loved ones are currently deployed in harms' way, it is on bended-knee that I say my prayers for them and for you.  May you all be safe and continue to cradle each others happiness in your hands as though there was nothing more precious.  Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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