What do they know, that I don't?

Not that I'm THAT old but the other day AARP sent me a note saying how they'd love for me to sign-up.

And then, they wanted me to spend money on various things, like a new insurance policy for my car as I obviously needed more coverage.  (so when did they see ME drive?)  And then it was "you just have to have a new medical insurance plan!" and while TRICARE ain't great, it sure beats the pants off of other plans and besides you can't beat the price for coverage. 

But the kicker was, I could get a discount on new teeth.  WHAT???  New Teeth?  They went on to say how my old teeth may be spending more hours in a glass by the bed, versus in my head.  When oh when and how in the world did AARP come to the conclusion that I needed New Teeth?  I mean, I kind of like the originals that are all still in pretty good shape and OBTW, still in my head! ... and the only glass these teeth see is the one with single malt scotch in it!  I'm sorry AARP, but it's my plan to have these teeth go with me all the way to the pine box if I have any say about it.  So, what's up AARP?

That's when SOMEone reminded me, "Hey, all they know is you're retired - with no visible means of support."  (first time in my life I thought of myself as a Victoria's Secret Bra...) 

harrupmh, I'm already beginning to hate AARP ... and I think I hear my teeth asking, "where's the scotch glass?" ... O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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