My Dear Husband will never make General, Reason 4,375


I will caveat this with my DH would make a great General. (Cough* hint cough*)

I on the other hand, will not make a good General's wife.

Where do I begin? This will certainly be a post in which there are more stories to add as long as I am alive.

I am not demure. I have mentioned this before. I am never in the crowd that drops names, or rank. We do not gossip at home about what news we here from post. So I am the clueless wife, and I like it that way.

So here is where I am going to take one for the team. And give you some advice, which none of you need, because no one would act this goofy in public except for me.

About 7 years ago we arrived here at our new duty station, I knew a handful of folks.

This was about the same time we were invited to attend the annual ball, and convention. Wow a weekend, in a hotel a getaway fun. Until I discovered I had forgotten my hairspray at 7am, and I had to prepare myself for the womens breakfast. Ouch...

My DH, yeah he does not use hairspray. That option was out.

DH suggested our very metrosexual friend Todd may have hairspray. "Of course Todd will have hairspray, he spends more time on his hair than I do. Of course".

Let me mention here that Todd and I liked to joke around with one another......terrible practical jokes, and zingers. These jokes, and zingers usually left me in the position of victor.

So I call Todd's cell phone, and find out that he indeed has hairspray, I just have to go to his room to get it. Room 278, to be exact. So I head down in my suit, with a towel on my head, and I bang on his door. But now the very demure AWTM, could not just bang on the door, I had to say a few expletives while knocking. (I knew better, in hindsight).

So here I was standing with a towel on my head banging, and swearing on the door and thinking I am all funny at 7:30am.

Man in underwear with a hangover from the nights previous party: "You must have the wrong room".

AWTM: "Yeah, I do, uh uh sorry"

Man in underwear with a hangover from the nights previous party: "Yeah, that is my wife puking, I gotta go."

Let me just say this man was not amused with my appearance.

I call Todd back, to find him rolling in laughter, as I tell him I just was at a room and saw a man in his underpants.

I go to Todd's room, get the hairspray, and finish preparing myself for the mornings events, and I tell my poor DH my misadventure.

DH did not think anything of it, until I pointed the guy out later.

Yeah, that would be one of the Commanding Officers....

And as my luck would have it, we happened to cross paths the entire weekend.


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