Let's Help a Lady Out


Tonight on SpouseBUZZ Radio we'll be doing things just a little different - because the show will be all about YOU calling in to give our guest advice.

We'll say hello to Ashley, whose soldier is just about to begin his first deployment to the Sandbox.  Ashley has a lot of questions, and would like a lot of advice on what to expect and how to handle her first deployment.  We'll talk good-byes, reunions, gremlins and care packages - and we need your expertise! 

What worked for you?  What advice do you have?  Trust me, we'll be taking notes...

Please join us tonight at 9 pm Eastern.  You can pick up the show here.  The call in number is (646) 478-5665, and as always - the chat room will be in full swing.

I can't wait to "see" you all there again!

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