Kitty Litter Rum Balls

Since we moved, I've already hosted one holiday party at our new home with hubby's new associates.  It went off really well.  People were really getting into the holiday games and giggling madly about the prizes.

We have yet another party this Saturday - and it's a potluck.  I'm bringing Kitty Litter Rum Balls.

What, you may ask, are Kitty Litter Rum Balls?

It's very simple.  They are Rum Balls that are shaped like cat poo and then nestled on bed of grape nuts.  They are made from Peppermint Schnapps and Oreo cookies, and people LOVE them.  Military people especially love them, I think it is because gallows humor and toilet humor tend to go hand in hand.

Now, we've only known these people about six weeks so far; but I'm going to go ahead and make a judgement call that they will appreciate the sentiment behind the Kitty Litter Rum Balls.  I did go ahead and okay my culinary specialty with my AirForceGuy before buying all the ingredients, and he though it would be just fine.

"Are you sure, hon?  I mean, do you really want your peeps to think of us this way?"

"Look, they're going to figure you out sooner-or-later.  Might as well be now when the situation is somewhat under our control.  I mean, remember your introduction to my last place of work when you went through an entire receiving line at an O6 promotion with a booger hanging out of your nose?"

So, AFG had a point there.  I did shake hands with an entire receiving line with a giant booger clinging precariously to my nostril.  Perhaps it would be better to let them know the real airforcewife in a way that is marginally under my control.

I just don't know what to do if I serve the Kitty Litter Rum Balls while a giant booger is hanging out of my nose, though.

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