I don't sew but I'm a quilter


I've come to the conclusion that, even though I can't sew a button on a piece of clothing, I am a quilter. A lot of talk at SpouseBUZZ Live 3 centered around support. Support for the soldier that is deployed and support for the spouse left behind.

Ideally, every spouse dealing with a deployment will have a wonderful FRG supporting them. Ideally. But that doesn't always happen. And sometimes, the FRG cannot meet all of the needs that a family may have during a deployment. It may just not be possible. The FRG cannot be all things to all people. Such is life.

We are a resourceful bunch, us military spouses. We bloom where we are planted. We make lemonade out of lemons. We kick deployment gremlin butt. We do it all. But we don't do it alone. We can't (loathe though I am to admit that).

So we quilt.

We piece together our support and make a "quilt", if you will, thatsurrounds us and keeps us warm. Some pieces can come from our neighborsand those that live around us. Some pieces can be found in church. Orat the gym. Or at a play group. Or at work. It's colorful. It's unique.The panels may change based on the circumstances under which it'sneeded.

And what do you do when you can't find a piece for that quilt? Acertain fabric or thread? The same thing you don when you can't findanything in the stores near you...you call friends and family in othertowns, other states, and other countries. Those long distanceconnections can often provide us with the pieces to the quilt that welack. And when we can't find that piece that we need any other way?Where do we turn?

Yep. eBay.

I'm joking. Kind of. But the internet does provide avenues for supportand connections that we, as military spouses, might not otherwise have.Email allows us to stay in touch with friends that would have otherwisefaded away. Websites such as SpouseBUZZ let us seethat we are not alone. All are pieces in the quilt that surrounds us.

So I can't sew my kids' AWANA patches on their vests but I sure can puttogether a quilt that will keep me warm while MacGyver is away.

I am aquilter.

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