A Missing Piece


I am sitting here watching the movie "The Sound of Music" for the first time in years.  I used to watch this movie with my mom and 3 siblings every year for as long as I can remember.  It's one of my absolute favorite movies!  And if you have never seen this... shame on you.  It's a classic!

Earlier today I watched the Steelers (lose) to the Ravens.  That's okay... we are still going to play-offs!!!

Anyway, there is a "missing piece" when I watch Steeler games this season (and last).

Much like the "tradition" of watching The Sound of Music every year, when we lived in Ft. Riley, KS we had a tradition on our street when the Steelers played.  My neighbors had satellite TV service and got the NFL package in order to watch the Steeler games.  We would go to their house for Steeler games, take some food, eat, enjoy each other's company, watch all the kids run around and play, and yell at the TV! 

I LOVED those get-togethers.  It was also a chance for us to get caught up on each other's lives because, even though we were neighbors, we were all busy flying up and down our little cul de sac going to and fro.  Plus there was a "mix" of football fans... Cowboys, Broncos, Packers... and most importantly, the Steelers!

I miss that.  Even though I live in "Steeler Country," I don't have the connection with my neighbors to have these weekly get-togethers.  We've had people over for games in the past, but I miss the weekly thing - something to look forward to.  It's another thing I miss about living in a military community.  The diversity that brings us together!

Do you have any "traditions" (past or present) that are important to you?  Share them with us and see who else may do the same thing.  Or you may inspire someone, or be inspired, to do one yourself.

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