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On Friday evening, December 21, SyncLive will be featuring a "Salute the Troops Holiday Show". The show will be broadcast over the internet, so anyone with a connection will be able to watch it live. One of our favorites, Cliff Hudson, will be participating in the show. So too will other artists of To The Fallen Records. More details after the jump.

Tune in Live at SyncLive.com

This reminds me that I've been meaning to share with you a way that you can host a virtual party for your deployed spouse. The entire family (and friends) can participate, too. No matter where in the world they may be.

Rather than just webcam and IM between yourselves (which is always nice, but hey, it's Christmas). Your spouse can set-up a live broadcast from Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever he/she may be (that allows live streaming), by using SyncLive. A broadcast for the entire family (immediate, extended and even friends you might like to invite). How cool would it be to have the entire family (and friends) see their loved one at the same time and be able to chat among themselves during the broadcast? The next best thing to being in the room together. Plus, you can archive the show so that it will be available to watch again in the future.

If your spouse has a webcam and an internet connection, all you need to do is have everyone you want to participate sign up for a free membership at SyncLive, then schedule a broadcast. Click on the "Learn How to Broadcast" tab at SyncLive for more information. Once you set up the broadcast, you can pass the link around to anyone you'd like to invite and have them log-on at the appointed hour. SyncLive's built-in chat room is awesome and makes the experience much more interactive. Note: usual OPSEC caveats apply when on the internet. Live broadcasts are apparently forbidden from some locations overseas.

Imagine your family, the in-laws, your spouse's closest friends and you and your children (if you have children) being able to share a few special moments with your loved one. Live. When my husband was deployed, my family was in Alabama, his family was in Boston, he was in Afghanistan and I was in Washington. I would have loved to use SyncLive so that all of us could have shared a few minutes with him on Christmas, at the same time. Mr. Andi's slew of nieces and nephews would have loved it, too and I know it would have made me and my mother-in-law feel much better seeing him rather than just listening to his voice on a phone call. Plus, we could have sent him messages and asked him questions via the chat room. That would have been a great Christmas gift!

Today's technology is amazing. Use it. Exploit it.   

As an endnote, SpouseBUZZ will be using SyncLive beginning in 2008 to host live broadcasts of some of our radio shows and other events so that you can listen, and watch!

Salute the Troops Holiday Show Details:


DATE/TIME: The show is on 12/21 and begins at 8pm EST

URL: watch the show live at www.SyncLive.com

Some of the brightest talents from To the Fallen Records' roster will be on hand to perform their unique songs live for this exclusive webcast, where the musicians will access SyncLive's incredible opportunities to expose themselves and their original music for free to a global audience.  TTFR Artists include soldier-songwriters Austin Poole, a Marine Corps veteran and multi-talented rocker; Arkansas native and singer/guitarist Cliff Hudson, whose experiences in Iraq resulted in the touching tribute "Send My Love"; multi-instrumentalist and Navy veteran Joel Port, a prolific songwriter who logs time in two bands; guitarist/vocalist Prevo Rodgers, Jr., an Army National Guardsman who wrote the inspiring "Veterans Hands" after returning from Iraq; and Ted Painter, a decorated veteran whose South County Band has been steadily building a buzz in the Massachusetts area with its eclectic folk/rock/country sound.

These live performers will be joined on SyncLive by their TTFR labelmate and fellow soldier John Dobbins, whose pre-recorded set was taped specifically for this exclusive performance from his current base in Iraq, which does not allow live broadcasts from its location.  Dobbins' appearance is especially poignant, as the young Army gunner and Purple Heart Medal recipient is currently in the midst of his second tour of Iraq and is also the composer of "Tribute to the Fallen," a song that sums up the military label's purpose with deep and genuine emotion.

ARTIST LIST - Subject to change

Austin Poole Cliff Hudson Jason Sparks/joel port mgr. Prevo Rogers Ted Painter Zach Johnson Colton McKenna Stephen Covell Josh Revak Cutler Spur John Dobbins Marshall Dane Aric Berquist Mason James

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