Deep breaths. Deeeeeep breaths.....


This was my internal mantra while on the 2nd panel at SBL3 in Fayetteville.  After about 2 sentences, I started crying and surprised the heck out of myself.  I mean, DH was wounded 2 1/2 YEARS ago and I still manage to get emotional (at the most unexpected moments).

Fortunately, I had my SB family (and my awesome mother-in-law) there with me and I was able to gather myself together. 

If you attended SBL3, I want to thank you all for coming to meet us and taking time for your SELF by getting out and hangin' with other milspouses.  I know this is something I don't do near enough.  And, as was discussed at SBL3, it is soooooo important to do something for ourselves every now and then.  WE deserve a break.  WE deserve some pampering and laughter outside of the confines of our daily lives.

On that very same panel, I found my "inner wonder woman" and started talking about taking charge of (your) lives and doing something for YOU.  There is so much we can't control in the military, as Guard Wife mentioned in her incredibly funny and oh-so-true way.  But we can take some control of our aspirations and begin a path for ourselves.

Currently, I am one week away from completing my Master's degree.  I started my "tour" in grad school over 4 years ago (August 2003).  My son was 3 1/2 years old and my daughter was only 5 months.  I struggled, my family made many sacrifices, my husband was wounded (I took 7 months off), and we moved (i.e. apply to a new school and transfer credits).  There were many times that I thought I would NEVER finish school.  And believe me, I got pretty depressed about it.  But I continued to fight my way through.  And now, the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel.

So here's my point: go out and take charge of your life.  Go to school (or go back and finish).  Start a new career or get back into a career you have put on hold.  Learn some new skills.  Volunteer.  Stay home with the kids.  Whatever you aspire to do, find your inner wonder woman (or inner super man) and go kick some butt!!!  It may take some time, but it will sooooo pay off in the end.  Trust me!

So what are your aspirations?  Or have you already aspired to something and want to tell us about it?  We want to know how your inner wonder woman/super man has lead you to a more fulfilling life.

Trust me, if I can do this, ANYone can!  Just be stubborn and persistent (don't forget cry and laugh every now and then... that helps too).

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