What's Worse?

Being separated from your loved ones on Thanksgiving, or being this close to seeing them only to have the rug pulled out from under you? I vote for the latter.

A Naval officer wrote to Power Line:

What hasn't been widely reported yet is that several hundred families of the Kitty Hawk crew, who live here in Yokosuka, Japan, had flown to Hong Kong to spend the holiday with their spouses. I personally know three wives who made the trip, taking their small children with them. Ever spent $2500 on airfare to fly 10 hours round trip by yourself with two kids under age 4, then found out it was for nothing?

I could care less about the politics at play here, we don't do politics or foreign affairs at SpouseBUZZ (not interested in having this devolve into a political or China-bashing discussion). This just struck me as a good example of military families being caught in the middle of a situation beyond their control and coming out on the losing end. Talk about a kick in the teeth.....

Admiral Keating said it's hard to put a positive spin on the situation. That would be an understatement.

Embrace the Suck.

Update: I'll throw out a question here (for all four of you who are reading on a Thanksgiving weekend). Have you ever had the rug pulled out from under you during R&R or Homecoming? If so, tell us about it.

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