Weekly Gratitude

I know I am late getting this up this week. 

I am by nature, a regimen person.  And frankly the trip to BlogWorld exhausted me.  However, that was 3 time changes in less than a week.  I do not operate on the "fly" like I used to.  Darn aging. 

This morning, as I was loading The Collective, and taking my son to school, I noted a definate change in the air.  Our first freeze.  Brrr...

The grass was white with frost, our breath looking white in the air.  Just plain cold.  It did not go unnoticed by my children.  Winter is on its way.

And for a moment, I was thankful for the change in seasons, the crisp air, and the ability to notice the changes.

What are you thankful for this week?

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