The Rooster says what?


My Husband used to have a job where he was the host to an international event once a year.  I loved this, it was always fun for me.  I have never had the good fortune of living overseas, which is probably by the grace of God.  As I,  have no proclivity for a second or third language, unless you count Toddlerease. 

I did look forward to these events every year, more than any other function. 


Let me add here, I am a cackler.  I am not always demure, or elegant.  I really like to have fun, and usually do so at my own expense.  So, DH likes to keep me in eye shot, to make sure I have not tripped, or offended anyone, or cut in line etc.  (I am getting better at these things). 

I always loved the cocktail hour before the events, because a person can actually mingle sans all of the formality of a very formal dinner.  The cocktail hour allowed us all a chance to mingle and chat. 

I had learned something years ago from one of my favorite authors David Sedaris that when mingling with those from foreign lands, it is best to ask the following 2 questions.  "What does your rooster say?" , and "how do you celebrate Christmas in your country?"  These 2 questions have caused more laughter, and have served as great ice breakers at every International event I go to. 

And just in case you would like to know what a rooster sounds like in far away places....

Danish: kykkeliky

Dutch: kukeleku

English: cock-a-doodle-doo

French: cocorico

German: kickeriki

Italian: chicchirichí

Norwegian: kykeliky

In fact, at  the last event we had quite a growing circle going.  People bent over in laughter, each thinking "the next country's rooster" was more ridiculous than the next. It was fantastic. 

Oh and just in case you wanted to know, the French do not say fromage when getting a photo taken, but they laughed hysterically when I did it. 

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