Thank the Troops this Thanksgiving

America Supports You is providing you a great way to thank the deployed troops this holiday and letting them know that people are thinking about them.  All you need is a cell phone!

Here's the email I got from America Supports You :

"I'd like to share with you an exciting "America Supports You" initiative that will be taking place over the Thanksgiving holiday.  It provides Americans the opportunity to quickly and easily give an expression of thanks to our military men and women.

Beginning at 6am EST on Saturday, November 17, and ending at midnight, PDT on November 22, Thanksgiving Day, Americans can test a message of thanks to 8-9-2-7-9. Within a matter of seconds, the sender will receive a reply from "America Supports You" on their cell phone.  The reply message will come from a member of the Armed Forces who is currently serving, expressing his or her appreciation for the support, both personally and on behalf of others who are serving.

All of the major mobile wireless providers - AT&T Wireless (Cingular), Verizon, Sprint (Nextel, Qwest), and T-Mobile provide access to The America Supports You TextMessage program.  There will be no upcharge.  Members of the military and their families, and we now have troops serving in 177 countries, not only will learn of the number of text messages, but also will be able to view many of them."


You can read more about this program in a link on the America Supports You site.  I think it's a fabulous initiative.  The troops will be told how many people have called in - please, please please don't let my call be the only one they have!  And you can call more than once!  I'm even learning how to text message for the occasion, so don't let that be an excuse for you!


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