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This past week, Andi, Sarah, BW, Some Soldier's Mom and I spent some time at The Blog World Expo in Las Vegas.  The Blog World Expo was a new media and technology conference. 

I learned a few new things at this years conference.  How to promote a podcast, the newest technology for blogging, how to monetize a blog. 

But my favorite part of the conference was meeting up with fellow military bloggers.  Those who have unknowingly become a part of my life...


Sarah and Andi live from Las Vegas Blog Expo promoting SpouseBuzz as a community. 


Andi and I, getting ready to call it a night!

Jack Army was there, he has recently  returned from a deployment. He also shared his experienc on a panel.  He is also married to Jill Army , who also blogs.  The fascinating dynamic here?  I feel like I know what kind of people Jack and Jill are.  I have seen pictures of their children, read about the fears during the deployment.  Jack even shared a brief snippet of a private IM conversation he and Jill had. 

I know what kind of guy Matt from Blackfive is.  I know he likes to take the high road, I know he is wicked brilliant, I know about his children from reading him for years.  I know he feels as though he will never be able to do enough for the military community, and the spouses and families. 

Andi, the founder of Spousebuzz is one of the first bloggers I met.  And although she was  not a diarist, I knew a lot about her from reading her blog.  I knew about her puppy, and I recall the moment he passed on. I knew we shared similar values, opinions and lifestyles. 

Sarah, who also contributes here at SB, makes me laugh and smile, and Andi is right when she says she can dress us up, but she cannot take us anywhere.  Sarah is good, but I am afraid I always feel like a naughty big Sister dragging her into trouble.  We both think esoteric references beat all, and laugh hilariously at the use of "teh".  (nerds.....)

Frequent commenter BW, was there.  And we had a good time.  I feel as though I know her from reading her blog.  I know what music she likes, and how long her days are, and the fact that she does not sleep well.  I know she has spent a lot of her free time sending cards to those wounded in Landstuhl. 

And there is more, there are more people I want to tell you about, but I am on a plane, and am exhausted from laughing, and talking all week. 

But I wanted you to know, I love meeting and reuniting with  my fellow mil-bloggers, there is nothing like the bond we share.  We understand when the recently returned are abnormally quiet during a dinner.  We understand when our injured friend drops something inadvertently in the middle of a conversation. 

During dinner the subject of planning a funeral came up, having the dress uniform in the back of the closet hanging just in case........we hardly had to have a conversation about it.  We all knew as we have all done it, or something very similar.....Normally, I can sit through this conversation, but I got up and wandered off on this night.  I never had to explain myself to my fellow bloggers.  they understood. 

I am not alone.

I am not crazy.

I am not abnormal. 

During our panel, I spoke about the harsh words, we sometimes hear as military spouses.  Some of our civilian counterparts have unknowingly said things, that have hurt us. 

"How can your Husband be away so often?"

"He must not love you very much"

We get teary.  Even the boys....

Enhanced.  My  life, is truly enhanced by these people and the knowledge, understanding and ability to share a common experience. 

And at the end of the night we raised our glasses to those we have lost, and those we may loose soon.

You are amazing. 

Thank You so much folks you rejuvenated my spirit. 

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