Shingles Vaccine

I realize this is not the most romantic topic for the day prior to Thanksgiving.  BUT, it's something I am thankful to have this year!  A shingles vaccine!  And, better still, it's covered by TriCare!

I don't know if you've ever had shingles, but I can tell you it's not fun!  I, of course, was pregnant at the time and couldn't take anything for the pain or the condition!  Doubly not fun!  Yep, it was Goober's pregnancy - even from the womb, he's stressed me out!   Another of the 'you know you are done having children when....' moments.  In my case, it's when they start writing medical journals about you and planning your baby shower as a Survivor party, complete with Immunity challenges instead of games - I kid you not!

I'm reading the MOAA letter and it says that it's designed to prevent shingles for beneficiaries 60 and older!  Doesn't say that you can't get the vaccine if you are under 60.  I'm getting in line on Monday when the clinic opens!  The CDC recommends a single dose of the vaccine even for those who have experienced prior episodes of this horrid little disease.

My buddy, Theresa, will have fond memories of this episode in my infamous Goober pregnancy.  When I originally presented with the tell-tale little bubbles on my side, I showed them to Theresa to see what she thought they were.  She looked at me with horror in her eyes and said, "I think you've been bitten by a spider and, maybe, she laid eggs inside you.  GROSS!".  Yeah, that's what you tell the pregnant woman!  Am I not incubating enough!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Needless to say, it was effective in getting me to the doctors the next morning!  I don't know how he managed to keep a straight face as I told him my tale.  I'm sure he was thinking something about the raging hormones of pregnant women.  I think I was relieved to find out it was shingles, until he told me there was nothing he could do for the pain.  It was not a happy time in my pregnancy, but it did make for a lifelong memory!

I'm off to go make an appt. to get my vaccination.  Once in a lifetime with shingles was enough!  Also, don't forget to ask for the flu and pneumonia vaccine!  If any of y'all have any more information about the availability - please share!

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