Quiet time

More often than not, we've probably been rushing about getting things done, taking people to wherever they need to be, off to the commissary, don't forget the dry cleaners, and we mumble under our breaths that in a moment, ... a bit later ... we'll stop, take 60 seconds and regroup and pull ourselves away from ... it ... all.  One minute of quiet time.

Tonight's the halfway point for the four-day observation of Thanksgiving.  You're halfway thru a spate of craziness that only bodes 27+/- shopping days 'til ... So how about it, ... can you grab a bit of time, a deep breath, maybe from the porch?  Deep inhale and let it out slowly.  Look at those things around you.  Look at the house where the 80-year old lives, and try for 60 seconds, to imagine all that they've seen in their lifetime.  Look at your kids, in the yard, watching TV, in the tub ... think of their kids in 15-20 years, then smile broadly.  Or maybe, take a walk outside this evening -- for many of us it's a perfectly clear sky w/ a huge full moon ... and think of the men and women on the other side of our little planet who so wish they could be you, right now, just looking at everything that surrounds you ... if for only 60 seconds.

My sky was beautiful this evening, my wife and kids are beautiful this evening, and the little 80-year old?  Called her just to see if there's anything that I might be able to do for her ... as I had a spare minute or two and was thinking about her.

Do it for yourself.  Take a step outside for no reason, other than 60 seconds of quiet reflection.  Happy Thanksgiving!

O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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