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As airforcewife mentioned last week, some of the SpouseBUZZ authors were given an opportunity to test some Jump Start learning games on our children. airforcefamily tested the kindergarten version, and the GBear family tested the latest learning games for children in the first grade.

After receiving it, I walked hesitantly toward my youngest son.  No amount of coaxing can get this child serious about his educational pursuits and, thus, I fear that I might not be taken care of in my dotage if he is not able to move forward with his education and pursue greatness! 

He really, really HATES educational things.  Goober is convinced that school would be much more fun without all that educational stuff!  Not that he doesn't do well in school, he just doesn't go looking for it outside of school.

But 'hope springs eternal' and I gave him the disc.  At first, he was thrilled - after all, he's in First Grade and, like all kids - loves all things computer/electronic!  Then he realized it was an educational thing.  I said, "Hey, try it and let me know what you think". 

The game was a hit!  I don't know if he's learning anything, but he's having a great time with it and going through all the levels at an alarming rate (mayhap I will be taken care of in my dotage!).  My problem is that I can't tell if he's learning anything.  But, I sheepishly admit, I'm not that great with computer games - I stopped at Pac Man long ago and never really even tried to keep up with my kids.  I look at the computer as a tool, not a toy - thus I miss out on a lot of the fun stuff Papa Bear does with the kids!  My bad!

I wish there was a checklist that parents could print out telling us where our child is and what skills he/she has obtained or needs to work on.  Sort of like a computer game report card.  They probably have it, but it's not immediately gonna jump out at you - I need the big and bold letters.

I hate the feeling that my kids are vastly superior to me on the big box, but I've come to admit that it's their world, their generation that's gonna have this technology and will run with it.  I'm just trying to keep up.

I sit and watch Goober with the game and he's having such a grand time.  He loves telling me all he's doing and what he's working on (heaven forbid we say 'learning') to advance to the different levels.  It's exciting to see him progressing.  He'll tell me things he learned in school and things the game is teaching him that he's not learned yet in school.  Some of it is even being led by his older brothers - which is refreshing!

Definitely a game I'd recommend for this age group.  If you've used it, let me know what you think.

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