Let me see when I can "pencil you in"

The other night I was talking to my mom on the phone.  I called her about "one thing," then wound up talking for over an hour.  I guess I had a lot more to update her on than I realized. 

At the end of the conversation my mom asked when it would be a good time to call and talk to my kids (we were about to eat dinner, so she didn't talk to them after I jabbered her ear off).

I had to stop and think about it... my mom works and we are rather busy many weeknights.  So we started throwing out days of the week and times...

Here's the sad part: My mom and I actually had to "plan" an evening and time for her to call!!!  Is that horrible, or what?!  Life is so busy for everyone on the planet that we have to actually "pencil in" phone calls to keep in touch with family! 

It really made me stop and think about just how crazy life can get sometimes.  Forget "stop and smell the roses!"

Take some time out to call a family member or friend!!!  Maybe you have a family member you haven't talked to in a while.  Or maybe a military friend you knew from a previous duty station.  I challenge you all to pick up the phone and call someone. 

You never know what a great conversation you could be missing!

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