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Most of you know that I'm a bit, shall we say, directionally-challenged....

Mr. Andi has finally put an end to the madness. He presented me with a Garmin yesterday.


Hey, I think Mr. Andi reads SpouseBUZZ. Apparently, this is my anniversary/birthday/Christmas gift. To be honest, I think it's a 'save-my-sanity" gift for Mr. Andi, but hey - I'm not complaining. We're both happy.

As I mentioned during last night's show, I thought a Garmin was simply a device that would get me from point A to point B, but noooooooo - it's so much more.

Yesterday, I took my Garmin out for a spin, darting up and down roads I have never been on. Not a worry in the world because I knew my Garmin had my back. Plus, it talks, so we carried on some great conversations. Well, not all of the conversations were great. For instance, I was reprimanded for not following the Garmin's advice. If you fail to turn where it instructs you to turn, the Garmin will get you back on track, but it will huffily tell you that it's "recalculating"' your error. I think privately it's saying, "what an idiot, I told her to turn left on Elm street and she just flew right by it." But publicly it says, "recalculating."

So, suppose you are driving in unfamiliar territory and your tummy tells you it's time for some food. All you have to do is touch the screen to find restaurants, any kind of restaurant. Want Italian, Chinese, Fast Food, American? No problem. The Garmin will narrow down the field based on your preferences and tell you how to get there. Same with shopping or post offices or police stations - anything you might need while you're on the road, the Garmin has it covered.

I can't wait to PCS now. What a great product for military spouses who are frequently on the road, and frequently moving. You can get out and explore new terrain without the fear of getting lost. The Garmin is idiot-proof. To make the case, please note that I returned safely and without incident yesterday after driving in very unfamiliar territory. And you know my track record.... 

I've only had my Garmin for one day, but I'm already in love with it. How, oh how, did I live without my Garmin for so long?

Put a Garmin on your Christmas list. You won't be sorry.

Thank you, Mr. Andi!

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