Don't you just hate...

when it's "VIP's have right of way with the grocery carts at the commissary" day and you didn't get one of those badges?

Yes, it's Thanksgiving week but last week was payday.  I couldn't avoid this disaster but I noticed how aggressive and nasty the cart drivers were today!

I mean...sweet little old ladies who probably bake cookies for the neighborhood kids and butter wouldn't melt in their mouths were taking out the weaker among us with abandon.  And relish

Mother and daughter tag teams of grocery carts were blocking aisles as they PLANNED their Thanksgiving menu in the store.  That's right...planning it in the store.

Retired Marines were blocking traffic so that they could read labels.  Dudes, nobody gains weight over Thanksgiving.  Put down that can or put it in your cart but either way...get out of the way!!  The little old ladies are coming and they are mad!!!

And for the love of God, people...do not stand to the side of your cart and push it down the aisle.       You're slowing the flow of traffic in either direction and that will not do.  Will.not.do.

I swear I miss the good old days where there were arrows on the floor and people followed them.  And glared at anyone bold enough to go against the directional flow.  And the offenders were shamed back into the fold.

One could consider the rules of the commissary aisles to be like the rules of the road: 

Merge.   Yield right of way.  Do not speed.  Do not impede the flow of traffic.

I want a horn!!!  I want a commissary traffic cop!!!

Vent over...I feel much better.  Carry on.

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