Did you see what I saw?


I went to church this morning.  Not that this is a rare Sunday occurrence, it's just that I've been either traveling or in hospitals for the last month.  So, I took the opportunity to look around me.  And I saw my Thanksgiving...

I saw a woman leaning over to adjust her mother's hearing aids before the service. 

I saw a mother leaning over to help her son learn the finer arts of sitting still during a service! 

I watched a mother who had recently lost her son struggle through the service with tears just below the surface of her eyes.  Then I saw the families that surrounded her, hugged her and held her in prayerful silence as they found seats near her.  How is it, in military communities, we are always so keenly aware of each other?

I watched a young mother, who just last month miscarried a baby without her spouse there to comfort her,  struggle through with three kids who were honestly trying to be good.  I saw this mil spouse surrounded in front, from behind and to the side by her friends who were standing beside her to offer her help through the service.  Subtle, but there!

I saw a young couple who must have still been newly weds (you know, no kids - hanging all over making googly eyes!) smiling at everyone.  Wrapped in their love - we do have tight families - they gave a spot of warmth and joy to everyone around them!

I watched and stood amazed at the community we have around us.  We give so much, stand together through so many storms, become stalwart support for others who may need us and allow others in to be rocks and foundations for us - not as easy as it sounds.  We are a military community and we are family. 

My mind went back to a mother I met while traveling to DC a few weeks ago.  She was on her way to Landstuhl to see her son who was critically injured.  I can't help but wonder who is helping her, for surely there is someone there supporting her through this.  Whoever it is, thank you for being Thanksgiving for this family.

I'm off to bake cookies!  Our Spouses club is baking cookies for the single Airmen this Christmas season.  Since I'll be at SpouseBUZZ Live next weekend, I'm making them early!  There I go - thankful for freezers!  I'm inspired to do something to be a little Thanksgiving for someone else!   How are you being Thanksgiving for someone this season?

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