A Doggy Dilemma


Today is one of those days when I really, really wish we lived near old friends or family.

We are going to my husband's aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner, and she asked us nicely if we'd please not bring our dog.  Fair enough, it's her house and it's going to be chock full of humans.  I understand not wanting to invite a canine ruckus into the house too, even if he is the cutest doggy on the planet.


Problem is...I waited too long to call kennels and everything is completely booked.  No room at the puppy inn.

And all I can think about is all the people at our old duty station who would've watched the dog for me.  Or other family members who would be home and happy to do it if they lived less than 800 miles away.

And I know this dilemma is only going to get worse when Baby shows up.

I'm just having one of those down days where the grass seemed greener at the old duty station.

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