You Win Some, You Lose Some...


It's been a tough week for SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio (SBTR). First, we had the wonderful Julie Negron on the show Thursday. We were off to a bad start when Julie could hear us, but we couldn't hear her. That was finally resolved, but there was some fuzziness on the line throughout the show.

And now....   

...our segment with Julie has disappeared, like our wonderful segment with Kristen Henderson, an old friend of SpousBUZZ and one of our favorite people. The techno Gods are heaping scorn on us, it would seem.

Furthermore, we've had to rearrange schedules and are left without a mystery guest for this evening's show. Don't fret over that one because our special mystery guest will join us soon, but we have, regrettably, decided to cancel tonight's show. AWTM and airforcewife offered to sing while I played the tambourine, but in the end, we decided we didn't want our ratings to go that far south, so cooler heads prevailed. Then, we decided we could just replay our wonderful show with TTFR and Cliff Hudson and pretend that it was in real time, but, again, we thought better of it.

All is not lost, however. We will still have the chat room open tonight and we're feeling particularly chatty, so we'll see you there.

As a follow-up to our chat with Julie. If you read Jenny on military.com, as I do, that's great. But, if you go to Jenny's page, you can read the blog entries that go with each cartoon. Good stuff. Also, Julie informed us that you can always submit your stories or ideas to her. You never know, your name may wind up in a Jenny blog entry one day.

airforcewife and I want to thank Julie for spending some time with us. She's very funny and optimistic and it was great chatting with her (even when we were having a one-way conversation - heh). We'll have Julie back on the show sometime, and we hope technology behaves. If it doesn't, at least she's got some more material to work with....

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