You wait and you wait, and you hope ...


There are positions of trust and responsibility in our Services, where the onus of command bears heavily on one's shoulders.  Truly, as I type, I'm observing The Boss perform a ritual that probably dates back to the Continental Army.  Unlike in those days, here at SpouseBUZZ, we are strong because each of us gives to the others, an ounce of our private stash of "cyber-ooomph" when it's needed.

A member of our organization isn't coming home.  His spouse has earned, nay, the spouse is owed something unique to the Armed Forces of the United States -- the right to look in the eyes of the one who authorized the signature on the the orders sending a person away.  I would accept beatings in eternity to never ... hear or speak those most dreaded words, ...

"on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, it is my solemn responsibility to inform you ..."

The Boss and I have both served with him.  We both knew him and for me, he had helped me through some difficult times, personally and professionally.  I know that there's many a spouse out there needing our collective "ounce of cyber-ooomph" ... but please permit me this, I'm asking you to give an ounce more to my friends spouse.

Ray, my friend, you are a maintainers maintainer.  Rest peacefully, you met all chocks; I know you are squawking Code One so let's take 'er to the Hot Pits ... for one more 'go' ...

You will be missed; however, we shall see you again at the big EOR in the sky.  This is not Good Bye, rather,

We'll see you later.

"Here's a toast to the host of those Who love the vastness of the sky..."

Hat in hand, MaintenanceToadOne is ... Over&Out.

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