What the Heck is This SpouseBUZZ LIVE Thing?


Registrations for SpouseBUZZ LIVE Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB are pouring in. As of this morning, we had 88 seats left, so be sure to register for your seat today before the event is completely booked.

We've had a lot of inquiries about SpouseBUZZ LIVE recently, so tonight on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio, we're going to devote the full hour to discussing SpouseBUZZ LIVE. How did it start? What is it? What do you do at a LIVE event? What can we expect in Fayetteville? Why should I go?

Tonight, you'll be hearing from milspouses who have attended past LIVE events at Ft. Hood and San Diego. These ladies will share their stories of how SpouseBUZZ LIVE impacted them, so if you have any questions about SpouseBUZZ LIVE, tonight is your opportunity to get answers. Even if you're not attending the Fayetteville event, we may be coming to a town near you soon, so tune in to get the 411 on SpouseBUZZ LIVE.

Update: The show has already aired, but you can click here to listen to the archived version of the show. And click here to join our chat room for future shows.

We've already filled the 300 available seats, but we've opened more seating and can now accommodate up to 350 spouses. We have about 40 seats left. Reserve your spot today.

View photos from our last LIVE event here.

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