Trick or Treat!


I love my DH, I do.  I particularly like to see him in uniform.  Always have.  I have a penchant for the new ACU's , with the exception of all of the Velcro. 

However, a couple of my fellow SpouseBuzzers' and I, were talking about our Husband's in civilian clothes just yesterday. 

They too LOVE their husbands in uniform. But both of their husbands have recently had to go out and buy civilian "suits". 

My DH, loathes "normal" clothing.  And since he has worn a uniform since the age of 18, well I suppose I should expect some confusion re: "normal clothing".

My DH, has a tendency to dress in what I like to call costume.  In fact after almost 16 years of marriage, when we show up together, you would never know we are a "couple".  Our fashion tastes are completely different.  I like to blend, with normal people. 

My DH likes to show up in Western wear, including a cowboy hat.  Now, let me preface this with,  I am OK with Western wear, if you own a ranch, or farm.  But coming from the Midwest, it strikes me as almost dishonest to misrepresent yourself as a "cowboy" , especially, if you do not own at least one horse. 

In fact, I go as far as to call it a "costume".  Because frankly to me, you may as well be a kid trick or treating if you are dressed like a cowboy and are not one. 

When DH is not dressed as a cowboy, he is in his "biker gear".  Leathers, jeans, riding boots, do-rag, helmet, t-shirt.  This does not constitute as a costume.  Why?  Well because we have a bike.  But if you are not around the bike, it sort of looks like a costume.  Eg:  I would not wear my leather chaps to get groceries, or to a PTA meeting, unless I was on the bike. 

However, when DH is not dressed as a biker, or as a cowboy...He dresses as "Cabala's man, or "Orvis man".  This costume usually consists of some sort of cargo pant/short and utility shirt.  A shirt with the protective leather patches worn for shooting, is for shooting in my book.  It is not to be worn out to a movie theater.

This is a very sore subject with DH and I.  Occasionally, he will let me dress him, in a cotton oxford, and chinos.  He will spend the evening pulling on his collar and looking as comfortable as a cat with socks on. 

But for the most part, I just let him dress himself.  In fact, I do not even shop for him any longer.  Why?  Well, he seems to enjoy revolting, buy hiding the clothing I buy him, in the bottom of a bag headed for The Salvation Army.  He does it EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

I have tried to settle this discussion many times, by explaining that by showing up in a Cowboy hat, when he does not have a horse, is sort of like me showing up in a pirate costume and not really being a REAL pirate.  You wanna know what he said?

"A pirate costume would be totally hawt".....


*BTW, I am frantically writing and submitting this Saturday morning, while DH is at his weekend drill.  It is also his birthday weekend.  I am hoping he is soooooo busy, he does not read this. *

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