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If we are fortunate, there will be times in our lives where we will be a member of a group of people previously labeled as strangers, that get together and for no apparent reason form a deep bond and kindred-like association.  Here at SpouseBUZZ, the authors probably fall into this category.  We are all very different yet we are tied together as Spouses of  people who embody the greatest force on Earth, the American military.  Some of us have never met, and for having never met, we all have stepped-up to, accepted, and welcomed  each other as family - a very close SpouseBUZZ family.

Lately, our own little SB family has taken some hits.  Bruised, but okay.  Battered, but not down.

As I type, I'm sitting on an airplane headed down to hopefully provide comfort and guidance to an aging parent ... but I can't get my SpouseBUZZ family off of my mind... maybe it's due to reading Ben Stein's book, The True Heroes.  I don't know.

So hopefully without upsetting or offending any of our great readers, commenter's, and cyber-friends, know this post is not for or about you this time.

It's for the SB authors that are my sisters that I never had, and their family and friends - you are in my thoughts and prayers.  Over & Out, MaintenaceToadOne

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