The Tables Turned

I just returned from a week-long trip to visit my grandparents.  It was a long overdue visit, since I hadn't seen them since before we moved to Germany about four and a half years ago.  And at their age, well, you just shouldn't wait that long between visits. Now, this could turn into a post about being far from family or missing out on the end of your grandparents' days, but we've covered that here at SpouseBUZZ.

This is about me leaving my husband home alone.

Before I left, my husband was whining.  And we honest-to-goodness had this exchange:

Husband:  But what am I going to do without you?  I will be so bored here at home!  We've never been apart for this long...

Sarah:  Um, you mean besides the thirteen months you were in Iraq?

Husband:  Well, that's different, I had my platoon with me.  That was fun.

I had to laugh at him.  I mean, really.  He got one tiny taste of what I did for thirteen months -- go to work, come home to an empty house, cook that one biscuit for dinner, and keep one ear attuned to the computer and phone, hoping for his presence -- and he sounded so pitiful when we'd talk at night.  So lonely.  So bored.  So abandoned.


I've joked with friends many times about what life would be like if the tables were turned, if we spouses deployed and left our troops to man the homefront.  Apparently my husband couldn't even entertain himself for seven days without dying of boredom.  Or bragging repeatedly that he vaccuumed the house while I was gone.  The stairs too!  Whoopie!

He also ate MREs for meals while I was gone, "to save money."  That man is a mess.

(I know I'm poking quite a bit of fun at him here.  But the minute we had that exchange, I told him, "This is SO a SpouseBUZZ post!")

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