Stressed = Desserts, right?


Stressed.  Or is it Desserts?  I wish that my life was simply dessert all of the time.  How about you?

We discussed a bit about what we have done for ourselves, are doing, or are not doing in many cases, back in the spring.  Everyone had lots to share.

Have your taken better care of yourself lately or do you feel more stressed out now than in previous months?

How do you deal with your stress?  What do you do in order to try and keep your stress levels at a minimum?  Do you deal with stress gracefully?  Do you deny your stress?  When does the denial smack you in the face?

Yes, life would be grand in my book if it were 24/7 desserts instead of stress!  Life just isn't that way though and I admit that more often than not, I am terrible at dealing with stress.  Most people do not know that about me.  I think that I hide it semi well.

I have described my life in the last year or so as having my hands in too many cookie jars.  Trying to do many things, but knowing that I am doing too little in too many places.  Not doing anything to the best of my ability because I feel spread thin.  I have done it to myself.  I need to scale down.  I need to realize that even though I want to help everyone around me, even though I want to jump in the car and drive hours to help my family or friends, sometimes I just cannot do these things.  But, I seem to still do them anyway.

When I am super stressed out I tend to seclude myself and crawl inside my shell.  I tend to eat less (which is unhealthy for my middle aged metabolism and my blood sugar levels which make me extra cranky when they are low) and drink more coffee.  I also eat more sugar and stop exercising.  Yes, all terrible things in general and worse for you when you are feeling stressed.  But that is my reality.

I need to find a new way of dealing with stress and instead of cutting myself off from the rest of the world, I should reach out a bit.  The words of other people can soothe you in a time of need.  They can bring comfort.  I tend to overlook those aspects and think to myself, "what I am dealing with is really not that bad compared to what so many other people are dealing with and going through, so I should just keep my mouth shut and drive on."

The people around me can sense my stress though.  I try to hide it, but I know that I really don't hide it well.  But I try.  Sure, I can help other people deal with their stress, but I can't seem to help myself very much.

The moral of my story is that I have apparently not come to a place in my life where I really have things under control.  Sure, it looks good from the outside, but in reality I want to do it all and be everything for everyone.  But I can't.  That is a disappointing thought for me to swallow, truly.  But it is my reality.

What is your reality?

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