Signing His Life Away


I just read a post over at Hurry Up and Wait about the looming choice to reenlist or not.  My family just made this decision, and at the no-turning-back stage: my husband has another year committed and just signed on for another three; having been in already for almost six, that puts us at the ten year mark.  And once you've done ten, you're practically at the point of no return.  We're now in, and in for good.  My husband called it Signing His Life Away.

And yet it wasn't that hard of a choice for us to make.

My husband loves the job he's doing now, and I love the spouse end of things.  I can't imagine our life any other way.  We had already discussed this at length in the past and had prepared ouselves for a full Army life.  I knew he was thinking about staying in for good even before he signed this new paperwork, so it wasn't really anything we debated with any seriousness.

But after reading Kasey's post and really thinking about the fact that we're going to be doing this for another 14 years, well, the gravity of that really just sunk in!  I can't even get my brain around fourteen years from now.  Wow.

No wonder he called it Signing His Life Away.

How has reenlistment felt to your family?  Was it an easy choice or a hard choice?  Is it a choice you've been putting off because you're still undecided?  Does it make it scarier for you when I call it Signing Your Life Away with all caps?  Heh.

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