With the frequent deployment cycles that all branches of services are experiencing, I am so proud of our military families.   

My Husband has been gone for about 1/2 of each of our childrens lives.  He has missed a lot. 

But in typical military fashion he has rose to the challenge. 

This was apparent the other night, as DH escorted my 3 year old daughter to the public libraries "Fancy Nancy" tiara optional party.  Which included about 30 little girls dressed in fancy costumes, tiaras, sparkly shoes, tiaras, and kool aid smiles. 

I did not have to ask my DH to attend the event, there was no begging, or gnashing of teeth on either of our parts.  (Which was not the case according to my civilian wife counterparts).

He went, because he knows what it is like to miss such things.  He went because it was important to her.  He even let her pour the punch despite wanting to do it for her, as risky as the prospect seemed. 

And last night, as we were lying in bed rehashing the week.  His smile was serene as he recalled "party".  She was so proud to have her uniformed Daddy with her.  He told me over and over that most of the conversation from her was,


"isn't this fun Daddy?"

"It is just us Daddy, isn't this great?"

And I know, he will be deployed again, and I know the Fancy Nancy party will be remembered by both of them, as a very special date............

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