PBJ? Turkey on Rye? "Sandwiched?"


Many of you are in a unique place ... sandwiched between kids and what it takes to raise those kids, and parents, who for many of the right reasons, are living longer and are entering a zone of life for which no one has done much planning.  You, my friends, are sandwiched. 

You say, nothing new Toad, you read the rags at the checkout counters like the rest of us, ... but unlike most of what you see reported on the cover of Time, or other "journals" on the news stands of life, you not only have kids to be reared properly and parents that we need to provide assistance to, but ... we live the life of the military spouse.  Deployments, UTAs, exercises, live fire events, frequent and sometimes sudden changes of station -- it can add up very, very quickly.

So in addition to balancing your own life (which is a whole different post), and that of your children AND your parents, many of you get to watch as the love-of-your-life, goes to war.  Some of us are on or near a military installation, while some of you are geographically detached are in a community that has no idea that you have more glass balls in the air being juggled, than Carter has little pills. (how's that for dating myself?)

Okay, how many of you find yourself in "this place?"

How are you doing? 

What have you found to be the top couple of resources or methods you use to help you deal with the nuances of being parent to the young and the old, and still keeping the light in the window for the one you love?  Did you find it with or through other mil-spouses, or through the military family support institutions, or maybe here on the internet?

Okay Sandwiches, You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine... You First!  What's you top method and your top resource?

O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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