Oh, Yes Sir. The Army Does Issue Wives Now...


A few days ago, AWTM wrote about spending her day at the commissary with some retirees. Last week when I was traveling, I found myself at Baltimore International Airport. I saw a lot of Navy t-shirts and hats, which is understandable given that Annapolis is close by.

As I was waiting for my bag to appear on the conveyor belt, I looked to my left and saw a man wearing  a hat that read, "U.S. Army Retired." I walked over to him.

Sir, I noticed your hat. I'm an Army Wife.

Although he was an older gentleman, he was still very fit and was a big bear of man. He reached out and engulfed me in his arms and gave me a great, big hug.

Well, God Bless You, Honey.

Look at these Navy folks here, we Army folks have to stick together.

He laughed and we talked about Army life for a bit. We both agreed that it was a great life. The man told me he retired from the Army in 1977 and then went to work for the Justice Department. He was so nice and clearly happy to talk about the good old days. I love the crusty, old retirees. The stories they must have...

Another man who overheard said, "Army Wife?"

Yes Sir.

The Army doesn't issue wives.

Oh, yes sir, they do now. They know if they didn't, nothing would ever get done. Don't tell anyone, but it's the spouses who really run the show. (Wink, Wink).

Large, bellowing laugh.

Oh, that was fun. Please, please let my husband wear a U.S. Army Retired hat 25 years from now. And please, please let some young Army wife strike up a conversation with him and make him feel appreciated.

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