No, really. We're fine.


MacGyver's been home 288 hours (give or take) after a 15-month deployment to Iraq. And in that 288 hours, we've been asked at least 288 times, "So, how are things going? Are you two readjusting ok?"

The answer is yes. Really.

It's almost comical. I understand the concern behind the question and I've seen many couples and families have a really tough time with redeployments but, so far, we are not one of them. The biggest challenge we've faced is getting the kids to understand that Daddy is quite capable of helping them with things that they are used to coming to Mommy for.

Well, that and the fact that I've had to learn to not sleep in the center of the bed. But that's a different post.

MacGyver has been well-briefed on the signs of PTSD. As have I. We have a wonderful support system in place through the Division/ACS/the Army as well as through our church, our family, and our friends. And it is something that we keep in the front of our minds. But so far, the "readjustment period" has gone incredibly smoothly. We're fine. Really.

And for that, I am truly thankful.

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