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I'm absolutely exhausted. Not having a good week - not as bad as my son's but I'm totally and completely wiped out!

My son, on the other, hand is lying in a hospital bed. He was sent to the ER yesterday by a phenomenally astute Physical Therapist (shout outs to MAJ Cameron!) and ended up in emergency surgery. He is recuperating today and preparing for another surgery tomorrow.

We spent the entire day yesterday in the ER....thank heavens for the military family!

I'm really far away from my biological family. My husband was away in class and couldn't get away. He did manage to get out a little bit early and get the littlest kiddo off the bus. But I sat in the ER ALL DAY! Migs (as the oldest has taken to being nicknamed) had an 0830 routine PT appt - it went bad from there and the emergency surgery started at 5:30.

Fortunately, I am surrounded by military family! Thank you, MaintToad - who happened to be visiting in the area - for spending the better part of the day sitting in the ER with me, kindly not pointing out that I spend WAY too much time there and making snide comments on the CPS not racing around the corner. You know, when you come to the ER and know everyone's name and how many kids they have - it's not a good sign. Actually, I've come to believe it simply means you are the mother of 3 boys!

Not only did MaintToad come to sit in the ER with me, he fed me, entertained my son, eased our anxiety when they took a rather large needle and sucked stuff out of his knee. Then, when I called to tell him they'd decided to do emergency surgery, he came back to the hospital to sit with me during the ½ hour procedure that turned into 1 ½ hours of surgery! He also came back with his wonderful Princess of a wife (all toads need to have beautiful princesses, right?) and they brought dinner for Papa Bear and me!

He spent time today sitting with us before they transferred Migs to a top notch local hospital where he could get more specialized care. It's never good when your child's medical history makes doctors uncomfortable!

But then I met another friend, let's call him Mitch, standing with his daughter in the Pharmacy. They offered to spend time the next day with my youngest son so I could focus on Migs when he's having his follow-on surgery. I love military!

Then there's Jeanne, the most loving and calming individual I have ever met - who brought my son clothing and comfort items so he could feel better! She was having an absolutely rotten day - workmen not showing up, son off school, camping at a hotel and out of her house until said workmen get their act together - and yet she came to the hospital and spent time with me. She promised to come back tomorrow and sit with me during surgery.

MaintToad and his wonderful bride are traveling home as I write. They carry with them my undying gratitude!

That's just the way it is with the military - makes me so proud to be part of this amazing family!

I have to give kudos to the military medical staff who acted with such concern and caring for my son. MAJ Cameron, Migs' PT since he was three and in Chemo at Keesler. The Air Force has been kind enough to allow her to shadow some of our moves over the years. She originally recognized the problem and insisted on following up on it, even though it required her to go above and beyond the call of duty in logistics for her. She spent every spare minute she could looking in on Migs and seeing how the day/treatment was progressing. The surgeon, whose quick response to Migs' condition and taking his symptoms seriously may have saved my son's leg! I also applaud her saying that she was comfortable doing an urgent care surgery, but not in doing the extensive follow-on surgical procedures that may be necessary and then proceeding to find local surgeons who were capable of giving him top-notch care. She was an exceptional physician and caretaker for my son and I'm profoundly grateful that she was his surgeon!

While, I suppose, my families life may seem really hard right now - it's not. Complex, yes - difficult, no doubt.  I've been carried on the shoulders of my military family. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers my friends, Rachel and Scott Ormsby and their son, Nathan. Probably ought to throw little sister, Katie, in the prayers too. Nathan is a 4 year old who is battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He's been battling for more than a year and has exhausted all the 'approved' treatment options. Rachel and Nathan are in

(while the rest of the family is in Dayton, OH), trying an experimental protocol. They are alone in the big city without the benefit of their military family. TriCare isn't covering the cost of their treatment, because it is sooooo experimental - so they will be out over $300,000 when the treatment is over.  Nathan is worth every penny to them - and to all of us who know him. It keeps life in perspective, doesn't it?

So, I thank all my military family for rushing to my side and caring for my family. You've made these past few days a piece of cake (Migs still thinks they've sucked). You've made my life and that of my family easier and my burdens bearable.  I can't imagine being away from my family without your support!

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