Bribing the Locals on Behalf of Red Sox Nation


My husband is a huge Red Sox fan. His mother tells me that when he was a child, she would go in his room to check on him before she went to bed and he would be under the covers listening to the Red Sox on an old transistor radio. My husband is Red Sox Nation.

The Red Sox are trying to get to the World Series. It hasn't been an easy trek so far. Last night, my husband's best friend called us from Baghdad to get a report on how the Red Sox game was going. From Baghdad to check on a baseball game. I hope he called his wife, too....

The post-season usually occurs when the weather is amenable to opening the windows and letting the crisp, fresh air occupy the house. As soon as the game starts, though, I have to close the windows. Why? Because my husband takes the game very seriously and bad words can often be heard coming from the direction of his mouth. So, too, can shouts of joy. No matter which emotion is in play, it's LOUD. This, from a man who under any other circumstance is normally reserved and rational.

I've often had visions of my neighbors looking at me with pity after hearing the high-pitched shouts coming from our house during the post-season. I'm sure they think my husband and I have been fighting like cats and dogs and that my husband abuses me. Yeah. Closing the windows is a good thing. Investing in some extra insulation might be a good thing too, come to think of it.

When my husband was in Afghanistan, the locals would set up tables outside of their camp where they would sell their crafts to the soldiers. One day, my husband saw a New York Yankees hat occupying the head of one of the local vendors.

That. Simply. Would. Not. Do.

No sirreee....

A fabulous sporting goods company generously donated a big box full of Red Sox ball caps to the service members in Afghanistan and sent the box to my husband. The Red Sox Nation in Afghanistan was very appreciative. I believe the first ball cap out of that box went to the Afghan vendor sporting the Yankees hat. No way was my husband going to walk past this man every day and look at that Yankee hat. I still laugh at the thought of this man in his traditional clothing and a Red Sox hat. No word on what happened to the Yankees hat, but if my husband disposed of it, I'm sure it'll never see the light of day.

I still shake my head when I look at the box full of items my husband purchased from this particular vendor. I've given tons of stuff away already, not sure what I'm going to do with the rest. I think it was a quid pro quo. You wear this Red Sox hat and I'll buy something from you every day. It seemed to have worked, for them, anyway. 

If the Red Sox lose tonight, they will not go to the World Series. Tonight is SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio night. I have purchased a noise-canceling headset, but I'm still terrified that our G-rating is in serious jeopardy as we'll be on air the same time the Red Sox are on television.

It could be bad, folks. It could be real bad.

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