I love you too, Mom.


So this week was really a crappy one and I'm so happy to have it over with.

Lancelot has been traveling and I've been making do with the cat and the dog for companionship.  It's okay, honestly..they're pretty good companions and God knows, I'm not complaining.

This morning, I picked up my daughter at the train station.  I was so looking forward to seeing her.   I miss my kids.  I really do and am so happy when they come home for a visit.

Light twin and I went to lunch, came home and chatted awhile.  She then went off to get a haircut and I had a little time to myself.  Regrouping for me and renewing for her..it was all good.  Afterwards, we ordered chinese and had a good time just visiting with each other.

And then her brother came home..unexpectedly...

He is a handsome guy, my boy.  He is a Reserve Marine and his unit is getting ready to be activated in December.  He came home to go to drill.

I poked my head in his room as he was getting ready for drill and in silhouette, I saw his father.  Of course, it wasn't but I saw so much of his dad in that shadow.  There he was in his utilities..young, strong and sure of himself.

He had so little time to talk to me.   I had to follow him around just to get a sense of what was going on.. There is a part of being a military mom that tells you to just let go, go with things and not expect too much.  You'll surely be disappointed if you do expect more than the little you get.  They are busy.

He's leaving now and I make him give me a hug.  This strong, tall young man.  This man that used to be such a sweet, happy little boy.  The little baby who used to jump up and down in his crib when I came in to get him up in the morning. I miss that little guy.

I love those hugs and I love that young MAN that gives them to me but he's in a hurry and he has to go.

As he's going down the front steps to his car, I yell," I love you, son."

He looks back up and says,"I love you too, Mom."

We have miles to go before we sleep.

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